solar_compactor_sun powered2014It’s time to make the sun work for you and create BIG Savings !


              Solar Compactors                 

Now with a new Solar Panel Power Unit you can use the power of the sun to run your self-contained and stationary compactors.

  • Low electric bills
  • No 3 phase service for 208-230/460
  • No UL required for 12, 24, 36 or 48 Volt DC
  • No complicated inverters
  • Simple and compact design
  • Safe 12 – 48 Volt DC power supply
  • User friendly
  • Above all affordability
  • 15 Cubic Yard – 40 Cubic Yard Trash Compactors Available

These Solar Compactors are proving to be effective in almost any environment and/ or weather condition.




. . . Contact us for analysis of your commercial garbage situation and we can suggest improvements in efficiency and cost.

No Money to make a purchase?  If you qualify for our rental program, and without spending 1 dime, you realize a reduction on your monthly garbage costs often as much as 25-50%.  That’s including your new lower hauling rate + rental fee (includes full maintenance). Compact-It Inc. handles all the installation.  It’s a Turn Key Program so you can continue  your business seamlessly.

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