Horizontal Cardboard Balers

Horizontal Balers are powerful machines designed for baling a larger volume of recyclables. They are available as manual-tie “closed-end” balers, “open-end” balers, and “side-eject” balers. Horizontal cardboard balers are also available with auto-tie features for the ultimate in complete automation.

Affordable Horizontal Heavy Duty Baler – Fits just about anywhere

Bale weights*
(OCC) Cardboard – 1,500 lbs. (short stroke) 1,600 lbs. (full penetration)
Magazines – 2,000 lbs
Newspaper – 1,500 lbs
Office Paper – 1,600 lbs
Aluminum Cans – 700 lbs
HDPE – 1,225 lbs
PET – 1,000 lbs
(percentage of caps on bottles will vary bale weights)

Order with or without a conveyor.

*Bale Weights are approximate, and may differ with moisture content, material density, etc.

Horizontal Balers are great for baling:

  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • PET (Plastic Bottles)
  • Aluminum Cans
  • ABS (Hard Plastics)                             
  • MSW (Mixed Solid Waste) 
  • Textiles                                                      
  • Recycled Construction Aluminum and Scrap Metal
  • Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal
Picture of a Horizontal Baler.

Powerful High Density Balers for the Most Demanding Applications

Horizontal balers have a large selection of standard options available such as various hopper styles, conveyors, through the wall chutes, and many others.

  • Available in single or double ram units
  • Available as manual-tie or auto-tie units

Photo above illustrates an Auto-Tie Baler with an Open-Top Hopper.

Horizontal Balers are ideal for:

  • Recycling Plants
  • Printing Plants
  • Paper Plants
  • Waste Paper Recyclers
  • Industrial Plants
  • Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Floor Space . . .

Use less – make more!

The horizontal baler has an extra large feeder hopper that can be adapted to gravity; pneumatic or belt conveyor automatic feed device. Fully automatic baling cycle with start-compress-and-stop action, requiring only a part-time operator to tie-off bale and open ejector door. Bale automatically gets ejected as new bale is being formed. Saves space and money.