Commercial Trash Compactors



Commercial Trash Compactors, Industrial Compactors and Multi Family Residence / Apartment Compactors

The commercial compactors we sell are some of the very best commercial trash compactors built in America. Our customers purchase these units because of they’re durability and long economic life. The commercial, industrial and multifamily trash compactors we sell very often last for 10 –15 years with minimal maintenance costs and repairs. They are the “workhorses” of the industry. Along with these trash compactors, we offer various size compactor containers, odor control units, and fullness monitoring systems. We also install and service most of the commercial, industrial and apartment compactors we sell, lease and rent.


“Loose Trash” vs “Compacted Trash” Savings Estimates / Reports

Most often, we are asked to estimate the trash savings that the compactors we sell will create for our potential clients. We offer these savings estimates/reports as part of our customer service and do not charge for these evaluation. Potential customers only need to send us a couple of months of trash bills and we do all of the necessary research to evaluate what they are paying now and compare that to what they will pay for with “compacted” trash service. Along with the savings estimates, we will also submit proposals for our commercial compactors, industrial compactors or apartment compactors specific to their location.

Why pay more for trash service than you have to?