Rental Program

Full Maintenance Rentals


Compact-It has the most versatile and flexible commercial trash compactor and recycling baler rental program in the country. Whether you need a wet trash compactor, a dry trash compactor, horizontal baler or vertical baler we have the rental for you. In fact, you choose the equipment and we rent it to you. We have 36 month, 48 month, 60 month and even 72 month terms on our rentals. Normally you would have to purchase this equipment, but we will rent it to you with no money down!

Compact-It provides you with a complete turnkey operation. We are so flexible with our rental program, we will include your electrical costs, concrete pads, freight and delivery costs, installation costs and all maintenance required from normal wear and tear. All or part – that’s a complete package!

We have saved our customers millions of dollars over the last decade. With our full maintenance rentals, everything can be included in the low monthly rental fee. We invest the money to make it happen – you reap the benefits of the equipment without the cost of ownership or site preparation.

Compact-It’s Full Maintenance Rental Program offers these great benefits:

  • Requires NO Capital Investment
  • Improves Your Company’s Cash Flow
  • No Maintenance Costs for the Full Term of the Rental**
  • No Costs for Site Preparation
  • Rental Payments Are 100% Deductible

Why spend the money to purchase compactors and balers when you can use the equipment for a low monthly fee? 


Compact-It rents and leases trash compactors and recycling balers to recycling facilities, schools, shopping centers, hospitals, industrial clients, distribution centers, grocery markets, restaurants and more.

One of our many satisfied customers has written the following:

“I have over 30 years experience working in maintenance for the school (Roseville Joint Union High School District) district and for the City of Foster City. Without a doubt Compact-It was one of the BEST decisions we’ve made. They are saving our district a sizable amount of money and reduced our cost for waste disposal.

There is no reason any school district or business should own or maintain their own compactors.”

Brian Gruchow
Director, Operations & Maintenance

Roseville Joint Union High School District
Office (916) 786-6589

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The Turn-Key Full Maintenance Rental Package can include:

  • Trash enclosure design assistance
  • Concrete Pads
  • Electrical Run
  • Compactor delivery & installation
  • Modifiable usage ATM pads
  • Full maintenance package
  • All or part of the above can be included

Compact-It’s” Turn Key Rental Program” was identified by the State of California’s Performance Review Committee as a “best practices” program to reduce the operating costs of state agencies, school districts and universities. You can apply the same program to your business or facility. We do it all. We co-ordinate all of the on-site work and equipment installation so you don’t have to invest your own money or your employees time to achieve HUGE SAVINGS.

Leasing Program

We have no money down, flexible leasing programs!

For those of you that insist on ownership but do not have a lot of money to purchase equipment, we have a tailor made leasing program for you.

36 months – 48 months or 60 month leasing plans are available – subject to credit approval. With the leasing programs we offer, you can make small monthly payments and if you wish, the compactor or baler belongs to you at the end of the lease for only $1.00.

We will include all of the costs to acquire the compactor or baler in a small monthly payment. For instance, we will include also the delivery and installation costs in your lease payment. You’ll know exactly what your monthly payments are to give you peace of mind and avoid hidden costs. Leasing offers tax advantages that owning equipment does not.

Why tie up time & money in maintenance, paper work, and extra costs associated with owning equipment when you could rent or lease with a low monthly payment?

Compact-It’s Leasing Program offers these great benefits:

  • Requires NO Down Payment
  • Improves Your Company’s Cash Flow
  • Rental Payments Are 100% Deductible
  • Complete Turn Key available here also

Why pay more in trash hauling fees or recycling transportation fees than you have to? Call Compact-It today and start saving money!

Planned Maintenance Program

For those of you who are buying now or already own your equipment, Compact-It offers an excellent, systematic maintenance program with expert servicing on a regular basis. You will minimize breakdowns and avert costly damage to your essential equipment. Repairs can be costly, but if regular Planned Maintenance is performed you can minimize the costs and your equipment can last much longer.

Compact-It’s Planned Maintenance Provides Excellent response times for repairs or service! 

Call us in the morning and most of the time we will have a service tech out to your firm that very same afternoon – this is true almost anywhere in the country and that is whether you own the machine or we do!

Our Planned Maintenance Program can include the following:

  • Check the compactor or baler operation; make sure that all controls function properly
  • Check that the cycle works properly—time and length of stroke
  • Check hydraulic pressures and packing shut-off setting
  • Step-by-step check on electrical connections and fuse holders
  • Sample oil and evaluate—as necessary
  • Service hydraulic oil filter
  • Check oil level with cylinder-retracted and bring to proper level if needed
  • Inspect all hydraulic hoses, fittings, pump and cylinder for oil leaks, tighten connections and gland nuts
  • Lubricate machine:  packing blade, turnbuckles, and oil electric motor
  • Inspect scraper blade for wear and adjust or replace if necessary
  • Inspect machine-mounting anchors
  • Inspect access covers and locks
  • Check for safe operation
  • Notify customer of service and inquire about any usage problem

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